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About Purely Palm

Sustainable living was the core idea when we started Purely Palm Dinnerware and other Eco-friendly products. We aim to connect with earth-conscious people and provide a better alternative to harmful plastic foam dinnerware. We always strive to deliver an exceptional, friendly and easy experience. This is our commitment to you. Every product we choose is enormously responsible for a greener and safe world for our children.

Responsible Natural Resources Management
Eco-Friendly to Nature, Compostable to Earth
Low Carbon Footprint
Natural & Attractive Appearance
FREE from Chemicals & Non-Toxic
Respect and concern for the hands which produce our products

“We want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection. “

“Purely Palm – Palm Leaf Dinnerware and other Eco-friendly products are currently available in New Zealand!!”

Palm Leaf Range

Using Palm Leaf Plates is a responsible decision for your family and our environment.
What better way of utilizing nature’s gift of fallen leaves! This is truly nature’s tableware.

Wooden Cutlery

Range of wooden cutlery recyclable and eco-friendly, they are also stylish so there is no need to settle for less when choosing an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Natural Collections

GO GREEN – Compostable Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly Party Plates. Alternative to Plastic, Paper, Wood or Disposable Bamboo Plates.

SUSTAINABLE – Our palm leaf disposable products are sustainably sourced and crafted from fallen areca palm leaves. No trees are ever cut down.

ECO-FRIENDLY – 100% natural from fallen leaves, compostable and biodegradable palm leaf plates. Absolutely no coatings or chemicals of any kind are added.

DURABLE – Sturdy and heavy-duty palm leaf products. Fantastic for appetizers and desserts. Microwavable, oven-safe, and resists heat better than plastics.

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